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Repairing a tubeless tire

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I haven’t had a lot of luck repairing a tubeless tire (aside from installing a tube). Sealant will usually hold for me on a bigger leak for maybe two weeks. Determined to not have to go back to tubes this time, I decided to try a patch.

Went with these.

Rock solid. Over a hundred miles and a month later, not a single leak. I’ve had to use them twice now since purchase (sidewall area and close to the sidewall on another area). Was pretty skeptical about the sidewall, figured I’d be throwing a tube in it (as the slice wasn’t able to seal with sealant much at all during the initial puncture). But it has held up flawlessly.

Anyone try these things?

Automotive tire Wood Natural material Automotive wheel system Automotive exterior

Tire Automotive tire Wood Tread Rim

These two repairs are at opposite ends of my rear tire. Pretty impressed with the abuse I’ve given them since.
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