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read on for reflection and questions:

I awake early thinking I will hit a trail, yet my 9 y.o. daughter was awake so we watched a few cartoons together.

About 7:30 am I decided time to leave and beat the Las Vegas, NV heat.

Figure I would try the cottonwood trail area, with a very old GT chrome hardtail a friend let me have. The rear derailer is no longer adjustable just worn out so I can use the smallest gear on the front sprocket and gears 2-5 on the rear.

Hey it was free so I have been using it for several months only thing my friend is about 6'1 & I am 5' 7" on good days maybe 5" 8" on a blue moon. Did I mention it was free:thumbsup: :cool:

Last night I read about a bike outpost in the town of Bluediamond, so I decide at the last minute to vear right off the hgwy onto another hgwy, the mini cooper loves spirited driving.

the outpost area has FS cannodale rentals for $37 & "demo bikes" for $60 something.

I chose the $37 not sure of the model they were all dark blue with a rear air shock no brand name on it, and a front beffy rock shox, couldnt find the model name.

Well the xc trail was just down the street from the outpost, so off I go without my map not knowing I forgot it. It was very nice singletrack with some rocky uphill and downhill areas.

At first I didn't notice if the rear suspension was anything to write home to MoM about. I tried to stay on the seat and not ride it like a hardtail when descending.

I adjusted the softness, but still didn't notice too much:madman:

One time when I was standing over the seat on a descent bouncing around I thought I felt the rear shock absorb some, but I felt it in my legs as if it was some air absorption.

whew long reading I also got lost so :eek:
I had to :
ride 2 miles on the hgwy
walk in very soft sand for horses, everytime I tried to ride the bike would just sink in the sand
ride, drink, walk, wonder if I would find my way out it was getting hot and the desert doesn't offer much shade
eat granola bar conserve water, but when I try to burp my body is trying to dry heave:D

Well as I sit at home I am wondering do I really need a full suspension for my 40 year old body or will a good hardtail satisfy me. I will not be riding a chairlift up and flying downhill, I plan on singletrack, rocky terrian, and technical climbing ....

any thoughts are appreciated and the same ol money saying is always an issue (like to stay below 900-1k):skep:

laters kelly all in all it was a kick arse time:D

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A hardtail 29er might be a good way to go. I've been a long time user of FS bikes, but recently picked up a 29er hardtail. Its a fun ride and I'm quite happy with it.

I think at your price point a hard tail is the best way to go.

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Yep, you'll get a better hardtail at that price. Just ride nice, fat tires at a low-moderate pressure (depending on trail conditions) and you'll have plenty of cush.

I'll admit that I enjoy my FS, but to appreciate one, you've gotta put some effort into getting it setup correctly. Once set up, it should stay dialed for awhile assuming your riding habits don't change much.

I have a HT, also, and it's definitely a different ride than the fully. I use the HT for commuting, campus rides, and rides that combine significant amounts of pavement and dirt. The fully is for more rugged and techy stuff.
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