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I need some help removing my crank arms. They are square taper, and haven't been taken off for 4 years. :rolleyes:
I took off the bolt at the end of the crank, so the only thing holding on the crank arm is the taper fit. What can I use to pry it off without hurting the crank arm or taper?
Please dont say something like, a crank arm puller, I just want a way I can do it without going out and buying a tool.
And I have checked out for instructions.

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If you're not buying a crank arm extractor, I assume you're not interested in a gear wheel puller, either. You could also hit up your LBS for a self-extracting crank bolt and cap set, but that will cost as much as the tool, so should we nix that idea?

About the best thing I can suggest is go crank up a steep hill with the bolts removed, or slightly backed out. But you do realize that's a recipe for rounding out the tapers, right?

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The $18 tool is a lot cheaper than a $40 bb. I have used a block of wood and a hammer before in an emergency but if you are not careful you can bend the spindle. Go with the Park CP-1 and if you have a cartridge bb you will also need a Park BB-1 to remove it also. If you ride when it is wet out it is a good idea to remove your bb and wipe it off reapply grease. On steel bikes this will prevent the bb shell from rusting.

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