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You will need two tools for this
Chain Whip
Cassette Lockring Tool (These can come as a complete tool or a socket to add on to a socket wrench)
Check out "Tools" at, there are pictures so you know what you're looking for.

1) Remove the wheel
2) Remove Quick Release
3) Hook Chain whip around cassette
4) Insert the Lockring tool.
5) Using the Chain whip to stop the cassette moving, turn the Lockring tool anti clockwise to remove.
6) Once this has been removed you can slide the cassette off the hub.
7) Do the opposite to fit to a new hub.

If this doesn't make sense try this useful site, Click Me

Have Fun

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One of the best Websites on the Net.

ajw8899 said:
Can anyone give me complete instructions on how to remove a rear cassette? Im looking to transfer it from my old wheel onto a new one.
UKConfused gave you a very good explanation above. I just thought I would mention the Park Tool Webpage here:

In the past 18 months I have learned to do EVERY major and minor maintanence and adjustment that I can think of, and almost all my knowledge came from this site. Not only do they show you the tools you need, but tell you stepwise, with pictures, how to use the tools.

You might find it helpful

John W.
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