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Hi everyone,

First time fixing a rear flat on my 2009 KHS Velvet full suspension MTB.
I feel stupid cause I can't figure it out. No manual of course :rolleyes:

Here's a few pics and what I've done.

  1. I've moved the rear derailleur to the highest gear so it's out of the way as much as possible.
  2. Removed the QR assembly.

QR Assembly
Wood Property Wall Line Hardwood

Rear Axle with QR
Space Engineering Electrical supply Synthetic rubber Tread

Rear Axle without QR
Synthetic rubber Tread

Rear Axle without QR - Driver Side
Automotive tire Rim Tread Bicycle accessory Bicycle wheel rim

Rear Axle without QR - Driver Side Head-on
Spoke Machine Circle Vehicle brake Rotor

Rear Axle without QR - Passenger Side Head-on
Circle Machine Automotive engine timing part

What's the procedure for this? Is the hanger for the rear derailleur the key?

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Your chain is on the wrong cog. Shift it till it's on the largest cog. Then where it pivots (bolts to the frame) pull the deralluer back away from the cassette. This helps releave tension. Then slowly pull the wheel straight up out of the drop outs. Reinstall in reverse order.

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Isn't that a Maxle rear end on that frame?

If yes, it appears that you have removed the centre skewer of the Maxle, but not the axle itself.

Thread it all back together and watch this:

The video is of a front but the rear works the same. If all else fails take it to a bike shop and ask them to show you how, you will not be the first (just like I wasn't).
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