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Removal of 1993 Delta V headshok?!

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So a neighbor had recently given me a 1993 Cannondale Delta V 700 which I am planning on building up. Only one problem: /the fork sucks and I can't get the d*** thing off! I've removed forks before, but only on those with 1-1/8" head tubes. This thing is a challenge. I've looked at 2 guides to remove it, and neither of them resemble the fork I have. I have a picture attached of a part that I think needs to come off, but can't figure out how. It looks to be air adjustable, but I've put my mini-pump on it and I cant get any air into it. I believe I need to remove this part that is the cap and screws into the steerer, but it's confusing. And the lower headset race needs to come off so I can put a reducing headset on it, but the bolt head is stripped:madman: So if you have done this before, please take the time to give me a good step-by-step on this. Picture is attached:


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You got this wrong already....;)
What you are doing is taking the fork guts out...put the top back on first.
Loosen the small hex screws on the lower and upper headset.
Then place a 19mm socket over the air valve on the top, have someone else hold the frame for you while you tap the 19mm socket with a hammer.
It'll take a couple of good whacks to get the fork out.
If you have a newer headset (which I doubt) which does not have the hex screws the procedure is still the same with the only difference being that you might have to hit it harder.
Really simple if you know how to do it. :thumbsup:
Thanks! I'm new to Cannondales so any advice helps. But I have taken the screw out of the top headset, and I cant get the thing off! How do you reccomend I get it off without damaging the head tube? And on the bottom headset, the screw-head is sripped! I'm not going to put a Headshok or Lefty on it after I get this thing off, so I dont care if I damage the headset, it's just the headtube I can't damage. Now that I have the right idea, what should I do?
You might want to cut the little screw then...kind of tricky but with a dremel it should work....if you don't remove or loosen it you have to whack it really, really hard..
The upper part with the air valve is all part of the fork that will come out so you have to just keep trying.
Spray some WD40 or liquid wrench on the lower and upper headset and let it sit for a while to make things a little easier.
I got the top part off with strictly elbow grase, a screw driver, and a rubber mallet. Easy as could be. As for the bottom part, I guess great minds think alike. I already did that, as I didnt have the patience to sit on the computer and wait for a response. Ha Ha. I started to use a carbide bit to get through the threads on the headset but that was going at a snails pace so I switched to a cutting blade and it took care of the job in 1 minute flat. I will post pics as the build progresses. Thanks for your help,

You're welcome.
Glad I could help.
The newer style headset without the screw are nicer anyhow..and a bit lighter too (inexpensive and quite easy to get on eBay also:D )
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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