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Remote lockout not working Fox 34 SC FIT4

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Hi all,

Going a bit nuts here and hoping someone with more experience can point me in the right direction.

Have a fox 34 SC 2020 with remote. Initially it had the Grip damper but I just found the tune way too harsh for my riding style 50% of the time.

By the time I factored in the cost of a service and return it was a similar price as a replacement fit4 factory damper with LSC adjustability. I didn't like this damper on my 2019 fox 34 but was told they SC one was different so decided to give it a try.

Install went smoothly. Had the clocking tool and followed the video. However the remote whilst functional won't lock the shock. The cable cable seems to be about 50% of what it needs to be to have the shock lockout. I'm assured it is a 2P PTL top cap which is attached to a 2P fox lever. Have no experience fox remote lockouts so any advice / guidance appreciated.
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Back when PTL was the norm, the instruction was to set the remote to the locked position, wind the spool to the locked position, and attach the cable with it under tension. That assured you got full lockout, or be very close. You will need a barrel adjuster if you haven't installed one.
Thanks. Barrel adjuster is on its way.

The way you have mentioned does make more sense than fox's instruction video -
well.... it ended up being an incorrect damper. Shop replaced it and all good now.
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