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Reminiscing about SHARE Mtb 10 years before...

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I am fond of the days I started mtn biking in 1998 and rode with SHARE almost every Tuesday - when a LOT of folks showed up before 6pm at the El Moro Parking lot good friends, new friends and it used to break out into sometimes 3 groups based on fitness level or ability.

What great times. On Tuesdays the park was just SWARMING with SHARE riders all over the place - Moro Canyon, Moro Ridge, I think I can, Poles, Rattlesnake Deer Canyon, more, and several "no name" more technical trails we used to ride and also drop down to the other side, the LCWP side.

Also the trail maintenance days when many would show up and do a good thing.

Those days and riding with those people and the friendships I've made really means a lot to me... and being introduced to this incredible sport that I have never lost enthusiasm for!

I agree with some of the current officers of the club that my most fond memories are of the end of season parties in the El Moro parking lot, band playing Sloop John B.

I remember more than once climbing out of Deer Canyon to coyotes howling, lots if birds, the occasional deer. Made some great friends........

Also really enjoyed the when folks woudl get together afterwards to eat at La Fogota or Ginos off PCH in CDM - enjoying post ride stoke/endorphin rush and camaraderie of friends! I know folks in S. Cal still do trips together with people they met though that group!

Ahh, the days of GT's heyday, and when a pimp ride was a sweet GT Zaskar or LTS or a Litespeed Hardtail!
the nice FS bikes were LTS and RacerX's, Intense Tracers, iDrives....... I had blue/white idrive in 2000, one of the best pedaling bikes I ever had and seemed to be confidence inspiring, but my Dean Ti HT I had built up at that shop in Irvine (forget the name, gone now) was off Main St I believe, full XTR everything (rim brakes), loved that ride!

The club

Not sure how/why the dynamic of the Tues ride has changed - is it due to the expensive parking fees of the state parks now, or just so many options/sites via internet to hook up rides or recession, less time, etc but SHARE is still a great organization doing good things for the sport. Ahhh time for me to renew my dues soon, even though I am up in Idaho now.

When I am riding down there - I always want to get in at least a few rides at El Moro, as the spirit of something truly special lives there. Perhaps it is the spirit of something that came before, way before what I/we know - but there is something truly special about the place, at least I feel, a real beauty and spirit there.

Enjoy the warm S. Cal weather my brothers and sisters!!!! And VERY happy holidays to you, yours, and let's ready for a new year where very, very good things come to us all.
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