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Remedy MY 2017 shock upgrade question

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Hello together,

I ride a 2017 Remedy, and I was thinking of upgrading the shock absorber to this one:

I weigh around 220 pounds with gear and I ride some area with big roots and I also mix some jumps
What is your take on this change ? Is it doable from a tech point of view ?

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Its absolutely doable. I did it a couple years ago on my 2017 Remedy 9.9. I did a write up a while back about installing fox shocks on the remedy, but havent gotten around to the rockshox install. If I have some free time tonight or tomorrow, I'll do another write up specifically for the Rockshox.

Heres the write up I did for Fox, I'll try to do the same for the rockshox.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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