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Remedy Frame and Cable Rub

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Hey all!
I've got a 2010 Remedy 8 and have been riding a couple times a week. After the first 50 miles or so I've noticed on the left side of the headset that the shift/brake cable have been rubbing through the paint. Anyone else have this? I have been looking into crankskins and other transparent frame protectors but didn't know if anyone had any luck with either or anything else to suggest.
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Frame Rub

Oh yeah, this is very common on all suspension bikes. Bar NONE!
You need to get some heavy duty tape. I found some at a ski shop that they use to cover the tops of snowboards and ski's. Search on line, there are other tapes out there that are specifically designed for the bike industry.
Paint/cable rub happened real fast on my Fuel EX 9.8. So, I just used some electrical tape in the key areas. I tried some 3M motorcycle gas tank plastic protection on my Coiler and it started to fall off after a short time. It may have been too thick to take any tubing bends. Electrical tape can be had in a decent amount of colors to be somewhat inconspicuous as well. Cheap stuff and change it off when/if it wears. I've seen others use the soft side of velcro with adhesive as well.
I got some 3M Scotchgard film off ebay to protect my Fuel EX 8 and I really like it. you only need a little bit because the contact point with the cables is usually very small. It has stayed on fine for the last 6 months. I like it because its not a traditional adhesive, more of a electrostatic deal - so it wont harm the paint if i want to take it off.

Its thick stuff so if you need to apply it to a very curvy area it can take some work, you really need to stretch it and press it with a squeegee - it took me a few tries for the seat tube top tube joint.
try helicopter guard tape you get it at I have used it for years
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