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Remedy 29" Carbon?

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I apologize if the question has been asked and answered but a quick scan of the Trek forum didn't turn up an answer.

Is Trek planning on introducing a carbon Remedy 29" frame?

I demo'ed a Remedy carbon 650b, carbon Fuel EX 29" and Al 29" Remedy and liked the 29" Remedy best but would prefer a carbon frame.

Any idea if or when this will happen.
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I have a Remedy 29er alum for 9mos now, hoping for a carbon version. I don't think it is high on the trek priority list.

I bet we'll see Fuel EX 650b carbon and maybe even a 650b top fuel xc race bike before we see a carbon Remedy 29, unfortunately.
Take solace in your saved money, and work on this principle:

alum frame with bling carbon wheels is WAAAAY better than a carbon frame with mediocre alum wheels.
Thanks, that is a decent option but, geez, for once in my life I'll have the bucks to go all the way on a bike and Trek isn't going to play....... Oh, well. Not exactly the worse problem to be faced with. I did love that 29er Remedy though. ;)
They've never made a Slash in carbon... and their international level pros don't have carbon remedy 29 or slash's yet. I've heard rumor that their fuel ex line outsells remedy 10 to 1... so their carbon development dollars go there.
Trek is currently working on it, according to my Local Trek LBS. Expect it to be insanely pricey. In the meantime - going with carbon wheels is the BEST thing you can do to your alu Remedy....
I've been told by someone who works for Trek that there is a very good chance of seeing a carbon Slash this year since big travel 650 bikes are becoming so popular but I'm not sure if the Remedy 29 is as high on their list.
The Carbon Slash is next, it is coming for sure
I'm particularly interested in what, if any, changes might be made to the Remedy geometry for next year. When I rode it I found the reach a touch on the short side and BB rather high for my liking. I'm hoping some of these might be tweaked as I really liked the bike otherwise.
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