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Reign x versus nomad?

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Which bike has a firmer pedaling platform for out of saddle sprints?
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The reign has maestro, and I've A. heard great things about it. and B. Love it on my Trance. Never tried the Nomad.
depends on

what shock you put on the bike; the Reign is either RP23 or RP2, depending on the bike model, and similarly the Nomad can be fitted with many different shocks. Some air shocks like the RP23 have lockout, so it would be the same as a HT bike.

So your answer is: which shock, & on which bike?

Both have very similar suspension systems.

Well, both of them have lockout. The difference is that the RP23 has multiple setting of propedal stiffness, while the RP3 is (I think) either Propedal on or off. It's up to you. My bike really doesn't need it so I have no idea how much better the RP23 is. I just have the lowly float r.
I'm thinking about buying a frame after the new year and using a Fox dhx air.I'm riding a trance x1 but the only way it works for me is with a 7 inch totem.I understand this set up isn't a good idea.I very rarely use the pro pedal on my rp2 shock because the trance naturally counteracts rear end squat for short out of saddle stomps.I live on maui so I can't just try the different bikes .So I need a frame that will work for my totem,have a good pivot placement induced platform and be light weight.thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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