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Reign question

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HI just orderd a reign 05 frame and was wondering what front mech i need the giant site only states groupe not diameter, top or bottom pul, etc

Also is there in quirks to the cable routing i should know about? and can you run full cables no exposed wire all the way?
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For sure, you need a top-swing front derailer in Shimano thats any of them ending with a "0" and not a 1. You can't use a SRAM derailer as they only make bottom swing. JUst in case I got the damn names mixed up again there's an image below of the XT M-760 FD.

On the cable routing, no you can't run total full housing - there's a section that has stops on the rear triangle - but the rest of it is made to be full housing. You can address the rear triangle piece by using housing systems like AVIDs Flak Jackets which have sleeve the basically make that section enclosed. As for things to watch out for - watch out for cable rub on the frame and put some form of patche(s) where ever you see it might rub - the paint wears away very quickly.
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If I'm not mistaken, can't you just run a full-length cable and zip tie it on. Not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing solution, but it gets you your full cable length.
As has been explored to great depth in other threads, there's a cable routing gotcha where the fore frame meets the rear triangle. Depending on the size of the frame (and the type of hose, etc.), the brake line may become kinked due to the action of rear triangle. Many have tried to solve (with pretty good success), by ensuring that the line slides through the stays on the top tube, to diminish its bending. Then, it's the rubbing issue to deal with...
Clamp size is not 31.8. It is 34.9mm.

edit - I am speaking for an 06. I can't imagine that it is a 31.8 with a 30.9 post though.
I checked Giant's site and the 05 had a 30.9 post too, so it will be a 34.9 clamp.
what the hell am i thinking? i was thinking of something else. 34.9 is the clamp size not 31.8. sorry bout that.
ser3100 said:
what the hell am i thinking? i was thinking of something else. 34.9 is the clamp size not 31.8. sorry bout that.
The bars. You are right about the bars. :thumbsup:
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