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Reign action pics

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There is a Reign merged thread with some action shots, but I think it needs his own. Would love to see some Reign's in action!

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I haven't been able to find much about the regular Reigns. Are they just not a very popular bike, or are the riders too busy riding to post about them?
Here's a couple of me in action on mine a couple of weeks ago:


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Hope the second one...I have found quite a few pics, but would love to see more,
I'll play....05 Franken-Reign at poplar tent, NC (props to jeff portaro for awesome camera skills)


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as soon as we get some spring rolling here. I would love to post some. I just got my 2010 reign and I am super stoked to ride it. It is the same as the top one white blue and gold. Money, plus rides like a real am bike.
Here's a few - not the keenest... its an older Reign, but has seen a lot of good trail...

High Desert Trail, Gallup NM

Bootleg trail, somewhere in the 4 corners region...

Kessel Run trail, Fruita

Test Tracks, Durango

Dead Sailor drop in, beginning of Amassa Back, Moab

Rolling in a steep, near Durango somewhere...

Rolling in another steep, near Durango somewhere... Dual crown fork added, paint removed.

carving it up, Test tracks, Durango

Pushing the weather, Forest Lakes, Bayfield Co.

Can't hardly wait for the weather to break in another 4 months, or for a couple escapes to a rideable climate...
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BrentD said:
Great photos jhazard!
Thanks BrentD :thumbsup: love the shots in here already too!
Here's mine

not the greatest action, but it was my first ride in weeks - and I needed to blow of some steam after my exams, so I didn't stop much...


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There's a reason I don't have many pics of me riding. I ride a lot of the time with my son and I usually take pics of him riding and those are usually more interesting than thos of me anyway. But, when he does finally take the time to snap one of me, it somehow ends up like this. . . . .

or this. . . . . .

So, here are a few of him.

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Great pics jhazard! and great shot and bike DocGold! I want to see more Reign's like DocGold's! More Reign's 0, 1 and 2 please!
DocGold said:
Thanks m11b. Here one more photo.

View attachment 522873
You're welcome DocGold. Great pics! Which tires do you ride in the snow there? My high rollers hold so good in the snow and ice, it is unreal.
Not the best pics, but hey it is me riding my Reign.:thumbsup:

And here is a friend jumping over me on his Reign X.

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Is that a dinosaur egg wedged in the cliff below you? :D


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