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Reign 3/ Splice fork question..

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I have had my R3 for a few weeks now, and am having a great time. My question is, does the Manitou Splice Elite fork ever soften up? It seems difficult getting over 2 or 3" of travel from it, and at a riding weight of about 180lbs, I didn't expect to have this problem. I know I can replace the fork, but I would like to know from those of you who have kept the fork for a while, does the amount and quality of travel from this fork ever improve, or am I waiting for nothing. My old bike had a Psylo with travel adjust, and would sometimes blow thru travel, but I am thinking it may be a better match for the very plush rear end of the Reign. Thanks.
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i had one for a long time and never got more than 3 inches of travel. I rode it agressivly too. I say if you have the cash replace it. If you cant try and find a softer spring
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