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Reign 2 or Rize 2?

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Hello everyone!
This is the cherry-popper-post for me, and up to this point, Ive spent at least a couple of hunnert hours readin on this site and others, trying to determine which AM bike would be the best for me.
I live in Central Cal area, got a variety of terrain, my last bike was a Pro Flex Beast.
Nuff said?
Im looking at a 2009 C-dale Carbon Rize 2.
I know, spendy, but I feel I am getting a good price, not the $4700 msrp thats fer
dem- sure!
The bike has everything Im looking for and more.
Let me digress:
This will be my first, brand new Bike in over 10 years, and I am budgeting 3K for the project. I have the equipment (save for the front wheel clamp type rack for the lefty) that I need. So the rest I can use for the bike.
The 'dale is a little over the 3K , but what a sick ride! Just under 26 pounds.
For my age (49.999) and riding style, its plenty I think, for years to come.

The other bike is a 2010 Giant Reign 2.
I was going to upgrade the wheels (Crank Bros Iodine) R derailur: SRAM X.0 and shifters (X.0)
crank and pedals (Hollowtech II or Truvative Noir. ?)
But I still have a less than stellar front end.
Any suggestions on that?
After a little more thought, my question is this:
Buy the bike thats maxed (pretty much) on high end goodies (Rize2), or buy a more basic platform (Reign2) and start modifiying, upgrading, nuggetizing, etc
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if anything, the rize is the "more basic" platform..

you dont need to buy a brand new bike and just start spending money. get either one and ride it. if stuff breaks, replace it. i bet you'll find out pretty quick that they both work well as-is.

the giant is a better value, and id argue a better bike.

My opinion is jaded by your choices in 'upgrades' on the giant. I'd rather have the factory wheels than the CB ones, pitching new x7 for x0 isn't going to make any real functional difference, and i'd rather have the RF cranks than the truvativ and i would just get new cranks when the rings and bb are worn out. So to conclude, i think the upgrades are a waste of money. I don't think i'd buy a carbon bike when i'm on the 10 year plan either. I'm sure to drop it on the wrong rock or something in that amount of time. There are my biases.

Between the cannondale and giant trail bikes... both are really good. In general I'd opt to spend up front and get all similar good quality parts rather than suffer a bunch of little weaknesses. Similarly, i'm not likely to put dubs on a cavalier.
Hi Phaceplant, this is also my first post on any forum!

Im in a similar situation as you but between the specialized pitch pro and the giant reign 2 (both 2010 models - my budget is slightly lower at £1600). Was wondering if any one out there could advise me further as with Phaceplant case - also where is best to buy? I live in Leicester (UK). Sizing guide also? im 5ft 9" with inside leg of about 30" (i think). im a meduim on specilized frames but havent had chance to test giant yet.

(didn't want to start new post on my problem as very similar to Phaceplant)

Scott, if im reading right, the cannondale is carbon? although im relativly new to this sport, i have been warned off carbon frames by my more experinced mates, unless obviously you are sponsered by a manufacturer who will not decline to honor a warranty when (and if) your frame starts to deteriote and/or crack (an article showed that UV can break down the resin used to bind fibres??) i don't know?


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Rize or Reign?

Thanks for the responses, all good advice.
And yes putting dubs on a Cavalier is pretty lame.
Lukeyboy, If you understood what scottzg said about the Cavalier, Id buy you a cold one anytime.
I am concerned about the Rize being a carbon frame, but doesnt Cannondale offer lifetime warranty on their frames?
Also: the LBS near my house just dropped their price on a Giant Reign 1 to $2400.
Lukeyboy, I think you are on the right track on the Reign, Ive done a lot of comparing between Trek, Specialized, Giant, Cannondale, Gary nauseum. The Maestro suspension has gotten alot of great press and has been pretty well refined.
For me the Cannondale is the lightest, best equipped for the price (3499$ out the door) and the thing is just a pleasure to ride, however there is the Carbon Fibre frame issue.
Im sure there are a ton of threads regarding that subject. Anyway we here in the west are in for a 2 week rainy season, very unusual for us lately, but It will give me more time on the choice I have to make. I have a deposit on the Cannondale already, but the shop carries Giant, Specialized, BMC, Bionicon, and Cannondale, and as long as they get my money, I dont think they care what I buy
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Dont worry about the carbon frame! I't won't shatter if you drop it on the ground. There's so much carbon paranoia!! Hey I broke one back in the day..... but that was 1997 and carbon frames have come a long way go look at Youtube, there's a video of some guy's hitting a c-dale carbon frame with a hammer.......then they took it to a c-dale aluminum frame. It took about 20 or so hits on the carbon frame to get it to even crack and the Alu one failed after one hit........

Re Youtube: Taurine VS Hammer

Amazing bash resistance test!
That puts my fear of carbon fiber to rest.
Thank you!
Off topic: Reminds me of the treatment my ex gave to one of my Cellphones.
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