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REI level 2?

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Thinking about signing my GF up for a course as a gift, anyone taken it? She's only been riding for a little over a year, but she is very aggressive so she rides at a higher level than most riders at her experience level. I'm a highly skilled rider and have coached her a lot, but sometimes it's nicer taking lessons from someone who doesn't steal your blanket.

She does struggle at tight turns (counter leaning) and manual/hopping, which the course description mentions.

Technically $20 off if I buy it tonight, but, I don't care much about $20.

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I think taking a skills course is an excellent idea. There is always something to learn.
My husband is an excellent rider as well but it's good to learn from another source.
I took a DH skills course with Wade Simmons; I've met and rode with Geoff Gulevich and Brett Tippie. Those memories and lessons will always be cherished.
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