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Reducing Travel of my 2003 Z1 FR

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I just finished building a new ride with parts I found in the basement or which I got for cheap over the internet.
Unfortunatly, the travel of my 2003 Z1 FR (130mm) is way too long for the frame (PlanetX Pitbull Pro).

So: Is there a way to reduce travel ?

Thanks for your input.


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Nice bike.

I'd guess that it wouldn't be easy. You'd have to get shorter springs, and somehow add spacers in line with the top out springs. Or use carts and springs from a shorter fork and hope they fit. IMHO, too much trouble unless you've got stuff like that kicking around.

Probably simpler to sell it and buy something the right length.
Call Marzocchi and ask if they sell a travel reduction kit for that model, or ask if they can do it in their shop.

I bought a reduction kit for another model fork a while ago and they were great about it. Had everything within two weeks. Excellent customer service.
Unfortunately Zocch does not make.....

a travel reduction kit for the 03 Z1 FR. It has to do with the requirement to replace the ETA cartridge in order to maintain it's proper operations in a reduced travel configuration. Basically too expensive. Travel for the 03 Z1 series of forks (all but the Wedge which was 110mm) was 130mm, non adjustable.

However, do give them a call. A kit may be available for a new model that will work in your fork. But as far as I know there is no kit available to reduce the travel of your fork.

Good Dirt
I'll give Marzocchi a call...

Otherwise: 03 Z1 FR for Sale ..

Thanks again
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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