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Hey everyone, been reading a bit about this but can anyone do a more detailed "walkthrough" of how to reduce the Q factor on a set of Shimano xtM760 cranks?

I really love these cranks and the external BB, but the Q factor (plus the eggbeaters I have on them) is a wee bit too wide for my liking.

Any help would be appreciated.


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You might be able to change the spindles on the eggbeaters to a shorter one (check Crank Bros website). That would change the pedal to pedal width.

If you're running one of the new 2 piece cranks - there isn't much unless you want to start machining good cranks. If you're running one of the older 3 piece cranks (2 arms and a separate BB) you should be able to swap to a shorter BB to get a shorter distance... as long as Shimano is still making the BB in the right length.

Good luck,

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