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reducing fork travel

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so I have a Fox TALAS and want to run a 650b up front, I know it will be close but I was wondering if I will also have to modify the internals to reduce travel so the tire doesn't bottom on the crown?
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I don't think you can adjust travel on a TALAS without replacing the internals

I thought the point of a TALAS was external travel adjustment:skep:

I think the OP is referring to the tire contacting the crown if he(or she) bottoms the fork.
Personally, I have had 2 floats and never came close to bottoming either.

I would say you should be fine...concensus on the forum is that Fox are fine, regardless of their dire warning (ie legal a$$ covering).

To check it, mount the wheel, fully deflate the air spring and compress the fork.
I agree with reformed roadie - you should be good to go as is with your Talas.
Would it be possible to add one or two more bottom out bumpers on top of the orginal ones? If you can do this and reassemble w/o any problems you may stop the fork 5-10mm shorter in its travel. This may fix the issue of the 650b touching the crown on the Foxes that have been checked.
I put two zip ties around each fork tube. Done.
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