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Hey did you find out any more info about this trail? I have my "Good Dirt" book at home and can get you a copy of the trail description from it tomorrow if you are still considering doing it this summer.

And for anyone that has done this before....just how "hard" is it? Any pix? That's something I'd like to tackle one of these days...heck maybe later this summer/early fall. Can you compare it to anything we have here locally in terms of steepness? Any info would be greatly appreciated!



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Redfish Circumnavigation

I've ridden this trail every which way, but would recommend first time riders to do it clock-wise.
If you've ridden Eastside backwards, with it's short sections of semi-demanding uphill, you have somewhat of an idea of the initial climb. Not as bad as riding up trail 4 above Sidewinder. Lots of dead or dying trees. Mandatory short hike a bike at far end of lake.
Easy ascent out of transfer camp at far end of lake. Two options to start this section. If you can find the trail that skirts the lake exiting the corral area at transfer camp, I suggest it. It's best found from the area of the shuttle boat dock. Don't go into campground. Instead, right above boat dock, head back in the direction toward Redfish Lodge through corral area and find trail set back from the lake in the trees. It will eventually join up with the main trail and you will eliminate some arduous climbing. Fast descent on Redfish Ridge/Bench Lake trail with rocky patches and horse *hit littering the trail.
NOTE: You will bypass a couple of trails taking off to the south/south-east on your initial ascent. If you have more time, these trails offer other options. Bull Moose requires you walk your bike for a couple hundred yards through the Wilderness Area.
NOTE: If you have time, I recommend the Frog Lake ride in the N. end of the Whiteclouds, about an hour and 1/2 from Stanley and twenty miles up the East Fork of Salmon. You only need one car.
Ascend Big Boulder out of Livingston Mill trailhead, over 9.600 foot divide and down to Frog Lake, over another low divide to Little Boulder Creek and down it back to East Fork road. If you park off of the pavement in the shade of some big trees, it's then two miles back to car. If you park at trailhead, then its two miles of pavement plus 4 1/2 miles of gravel and 1,000 feet back up to your car. Whole loop is 22 miles. Recommend parking at bottom, riding gravel to trailhead, and finishing with a coast back down pavement for 2 miles to your cold beer. This would also be a great in and out to and from the 9,600 foot divide, probably 5-6 miles each way from Big Boulder trailhead.
Check with Ranger Station for trail conditions. Most trails in the high country are littered with down trees from the winter.
Good Luck and Happy Trails.

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Are you talking about the loop around the lake? If so, I did it last year.

The trail around the lake is really scenic - particularly on the far side. We did it clockwise. and I would recommend that direction. It's not a beginner trail, but it's not super difficult either. There's a few steep pitches near the start, and a good climb just beyond the halfway point. The final decent is really rocky, and fun. The trail is generally easy to follow (although it's a little difficult to find as it exits the backpacker camp on the lake's far side).

Bring your camera! The views from the long mid-section switchback climb are great. And there are several scenic bridges/boadwalks on the backside.

We rode it as a "rest day" ride, expecting it to be very easy. It was more challenging than I'd expected though. It's well worth doing.
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