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Recumbant vs. upright training

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Does training on a recumbant trainer put you at any disadvantage to an upright when putting down your endurance base? I'm doing these longer rides on a recumbant and wonder this. From what I've read, the upright obviously works your upper body a little more and the recumbant gives the glutes a little more work. Should the transfer to mtb racing be pretty good otherwise?
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A 'bent is VERY different from upright cycling. Yes, it is easier on your butt than sitting on the bike.

BUT: no, I would not recommend that you do any substantial training that way. Maybe a rest day spin, or a bit of warm-up before lifting, but no serious training. The pattern of muscle activation is just too different.
I agree, if you're looking for the best performance on your upright, train on an upright.

I have the opposite problem. I train and race on my road and mtn bikes, but I enter a 'bent race each year, and despite being in pretty good shape on my uprights, I'm definitly not the fastest in a recumbent.
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