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Sick of having to flip my Nashbar one-side SPDs with my food every time I clip in, I decided I needed some 2 sided SPDs for my commuter. I was very tempeted by the Xpedo steels. Then, I read some reports of people bashing the bottom side on rocks and bending part of the pedal. They were able to bend it back. But, come on, the pedal bent:nono: . Also they have one bearing and one BUSHING. Bushings will always exert a little bit of friction proportional to the load on the pedal.

I have bashed my mountain bike's 535s on numerous rocks and they never bent. I have repacked the dual ball bearings with grease several times and they are perfect to this day; 9 years after I bought them. Also, that little H shaped steel plate provides a smooth "bearing" surface on which the bottom of the cleat floats.

So, I found some 535's on Ebay. New condition; used once or twice. I bought them from a guy in Britain and am patiently putting up with my Nashbar one-sided SPD's while I wait.

Anyway, 535= 520g /pair
current Nashbar one-sided=260g? /pair
Xpedo steel=~250g/pair
Devolution at work here.

But wait, they are going on my COMMUTER. I'm never going to bash the bottom side of the pedal on rocks. I suppose the real reason I ordered another pair of 535s is that I want a spare pair for my mountain bike should anything ever happen to its 535s. Anyone know if I can special order that little rubber axle gasket from Shimano?
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