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Does Anyone Like to Recondition Bikes?

I am a bit nutsy crazy. I prefer to take an old bike and rebuild it than to actually ride it. I'll spend money on a bike I will never get out.

Here is a good example.
There is a bike (in pieces) on eBay I am looking at. It is what I love, a bike in pieces I can rebuild from the ground up.

Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle wheel Rim Bicycle part Spoke

eBay auction said:
2000 Santa Cruz Heckler
this bike is in pieces and needs some work.
The bottom bracket is broken and stuck
The frame needs a new paint job
Cane Creek headset
Cane creek rear shock (needs air. I do not know if it works)
Shimano brake system
Bomber front shock
I asked the person if the bike is actually rideable if assembled and they said yes, so it's not ready for the garbage yet. Boy would I have fun with this.

Is anyone else like to rebuild basket cases?

Anyone have anything like this they want to get rid of?

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