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I ve bought a Rockhopper Pro disc 2007 brand new in Mai 2010.There was still one left at my LBS.

Since then,i ve been riding the bike mostly on the road so i ve been keeping the fork in lock mode the first month. Then i wanted to hit the trail so i umlocked the fork and realised for the first time that the rebound knob is stuck.There is no way i can turn it one side or the other.

My LBS is willing to take the bike and fix the problem but they will keep it for 4 to 6 weeks. Send the fork back to the manufacturer to get it fix. Im using my bike to go to work so 4 to 6 weeks is out of the question.

Im willing to fix it by myself but have no idea how to do this. If anyone knows about this problem and could guide me on the steps to fix it.

The fork is a Rock Shox recon 335 SL. Year 2007

Thanks !
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