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Recommended offset bushing brand?

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Looking for recommendations for offset shock bushings for a well taken care of 2011 Yeti AS-R Carbon that I located for my son.

I want to get the rear lowered as much as possible as I will be putting 155 mm cranks on it, and I think I'll be able to get 8mm lower at the rear axle with 2x offset bushings.

The front mount is a common 22x8mm, but the rear mount is an uncommon 23.37x8mm.

I don't see a 23.37 (or anything about that), from Burgtec. But it looks like will custom machine some.

Does anyone have experience with them? Are there any others to look at? Should I anticipate any issues running them?

Thanks in advance.

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Next challenge is actually getting the suspension tuned for his 75 lb weight, the RP23 Boost Valve shock actually feels pretty close, the fork will need some more work, and I think it will be challenging with the coil negative spring.
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I got the ones, they came as advertised. No issues ordering from them. I got the impression they are kind of made-to-order. I refuse to call them offset bushings though because they are not, it's offset shock hardware. The bushing is not offset, it is still pressed into the shock eyelet like it always has been.
The offset bushings I got from came in within +/- 0.01mm measurement on an oddball 39.89X8mm and 39.89X10mm specifications. I'm pretty sure the order was machined to spec the day I ordered it, and sent out the next day (late summer of 2020 when c-vid was at full swing). Dude named Jaron there seemed to know his stuff.

While the bushings were nice and accurate, my frame didn't match the manufacture's specifications. The frame was out of spec by +0.12mm on one end. Luckily I had measured before ordering, and anticipated I might need a 40X8mm on the one end and I ordered it as a back-up just in case. So I guess I'm saying to measure with a caliper to confirm before ordering, because they have the factory frame specs but can't know if your frame is within factory specs.

The other issue I ran into was the clearance between the shock and the frame. I ended up with only a paper-width worth of clearance between the shock and frame with the offset bushing. Just barely enough clearance, so I narrowly dodged that bullet.
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Great feedback guys, thank you. My measurements did differ slightly from the Yeti specification in the manual, so I'll go with my measurements....and check my shock clearance at the forward mount before ordering. seems pretty awesome based on this feedback, I'll get them ordered today as long as there's frame clearance!
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