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I'm from Mexico and I'm willing to visit some foreign lands to ride my bike (or lend one in the worst case!) and I'm wondering how cool places are to visit in an around-a-week-trip to Canada, particularly in the Quebec area (un peut pour practiquer mon francais qui a de tas de temps que je ne l'utilize pas!).

My riding style is basically XC in the savage side. Hard-trail routes are a bit harsh for me (for instance Whistler seems too wild for me, for now). A Santa Cruz Superlight is my horse.

Another question would be the best timing to be there. I'm from the semidesertic area and around 70°F (20°C) is a comfortable temperature for me to ride. Getting frozen is there not my idea of fun!

Any suggestions from you guys?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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