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recommendations near North Woodstock, NH pls?

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I'm gonna be in North Woodstock, NH @ the beginning of July. I'm looking for XC trails/singletrack that's primarily intermediate to beginner level. My gf doesn't want too much big downhill or technical stuff (don't tell her i said that). Any ideas?

Is the stuff at Great Glenn any good? It sounds like mostly gravel roads, but I saw some vids of a race on YouTube that show some half descent looking trail. What about Loon Mt., is there much XC there?

LBS in the area? Any good places to get trail maps?
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Check out the Franconia Inn on Rt 116. Big Ring Bob had a shop there last summer and I assume he is back this year. There is great riding nearby and they can point you in the right direction.
^^^Radair^^^knows his sheet, so any recommendations by him Shirley ;) worth their weight.

Here are a couple of rides you may want to look into or check out:D . These are close rides to Woodstock, very little cell service, don't go too remote unless you have experience, people DO get lost and although only a few need to be rescued it does happen, as well as hypothermia. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and know your limitations. Some of the rides up there will put you "Out There". I ride solo a lot in the White Mts, but I don't and won't recommend it, a breakdown can leave you in the woods for many hours w/long long hikes out and possibly an unplanned overnight. Injuries? well you know, can be disastrous. I've ridden out for hours to do a loop, Only to turn around and hike-a-bike out, because a "stream crossing" attempt would be Crazy. Have fun, listen to the locals, when someone says "It's" a hard ride, it's a hard ride. Your best bet for sweet & sometimes buff ST is toward Conway and of coarse up the road a piece at Kingdom Trails. (easily a day trip). But I love the rewards of back-country MTB, the sights and sheer nuts of it all, makes it like no other adventure...IMHO. Warning: Very Little Cell Service on any of these rides. Also Look toward Franconia and Littleton for more ST and other great rides.

Franconia Notch Bike Path - paved - but great great scenery, a nice alternative in the Wet

Lincoln Woods Trail - Great scenery along the river, it's mostly old railroad bed, you'll be passing a lot of hikers heading out to the Wilderness (no MTB) & alot of walkers heading up to Franconia Falls, be VERY Nice they frown a little if it's wet, bring a lock or be prepared to hike a bike, so you can take the 1/10th mile hike to the Falls after you lock up at the suspension bridge (easy easy ride, but fun with tons of options to hang out on the river)

Kancamagus Race Coarse - Lincoln, at least 8 miles of ST circuit, very close to everything, mixed bag for skills. Look for Kancamangas Rec Area. It's right there for you in N. Woodstock. Hook up with the To The View Trail across Rt 112 (Kanc Hiway) makes for a nice ride & you can play around downtown if thats your thing. Not sure about whats going since construction, sure it's all still there.

North woodstock Reservoir Loop/Gorden Pond Trail - obviously right in Woodstock mostly DT & jeep trail - nice ride convenient for you.

Tunnel Brook/North South Loop - go 11 miles off 112W (past State police station n.Woodstock) drive past beaver ponds. Challenging Loop! 17 miles advanced, a little rocky/rooty in very beginning 2.5 miles, then mostly downhill Sweet single track, a few stream crossing, then a nice FR climb to paved road, back to dirt road to car. Great sights, remote beaver ponds moose viewings etc. I did this in the wet & it took a while, a long while.

Cilley Mountain Loop - nice climb for first 2.5 miles, allow 3-6 hrs of sweating on only a 10 mile loop, Jeep trail can be a ***** - you go through the old abandoned "Peeling" Woodstocks original settlement - it's a really cool ride, kind of depends on conditions (Wet?)

Ellsworth Pond to Fire Road 348 to Fire Road 112, & Stinson Lake, Three ponds - very nice area, 6 miles east of 93 exit 28. Beautiful area, pretty easy snowmobile & FRs, couple of decent climbs if you drop down the hill. Ask anyone where Stinson lake - but you want your car to get there.

Cherry Mountain/Mt Jefferson Loop. Near Bretton Woods a 25 mile "out there" adventure. foothill of Mt washington Remote & beautiful You end with A lot of climbing on FRs. You will see wildlife! There is nothing except some old camps, bear will be watching you too, very cool but kind of hard due to it's remoteness and ending with what seems like hours of climbing. But beers at Fabians taste so nice - just don't sit next to anyone cause you will reek - say Hi to Boon, a hardcore avid hiker who knows these woods well & is a great guy.

Rob Brook - toward Conway, I park on Bear Notch about 2/3rds up on right, go in up the road on left...when you get back to vehicle, head down the little trail where your car is for beaver etc sightings at the stream. Maps available.

Dolley Cap Thriller is a fun ride, Intermediate 16-18 miles up in Gorham. Pickham Notch is mad cool with roadies doing the hill climbs and Gorham has plenty of pre-post ride supplies. Putt on your to-do list, the Mrs will like it and it has some challenge. I dehydrated on this once & bonked in the heat, but it was hot as hell and I was hungover. Its a fun ride for almost anybody.

Bretton Woods/Mt Washingto Hotel, real nice mapped rides on XC ski trails, I hit it up when I car/camp at Zealand. You'll like it...& so will the Mrs. Not hard and impossible to get lost.

Have fun, let others know where your going and get a USFS Map of the area. I'll post some more rides, when I pull out my maps:rolleyes:

edit: I'll look for my maps, but there is a Map Store in Lincoln, also try these books: Mountain Biking the White Mountains (west) , a falcon guide, J. Richard Durnan
The White Mountain Ride Guide, Marty Basch
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Thanks for the help, guys. Looks like there's plenty of rides there to keep us busy. Particularly, I appreciate you pointing out where might be best to go to if it's wet--we may need that.

I want to try to get to the Kancamagus Race Coarse and Dolly Cap Thriller, in particular.

I'll let you know how things work out.
This might be too late but ...

There is a condo development called "Alpine Village" in NWoodstock. Go to the cluster of units with #59 in it. There is a pond behind that group of units. Go to the left end of the pond and follow through the woods for about 100 yds. go through a clearing and look to the left. There is a short , rocky downhill that takes you to a nice network. I have brought beginners in there many times. Good single track - at times challenging, scenic along the river. You can head North towards the dancing bear place or south toward (175?). Climb higher and you can go along some good snowmobile trails.

have fun.
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