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I've went through several middle chaingrings on my bike and they don't seem to last very long. I think almost all of the rings have been Shimnao, the most recent one is XT and it lasted around 6 months. It seems like the teeth wear down so much that when coasting through rough sections I'll lose the chain of the front ring. I probably also need a new cassette too and the front ring might not be the only reason I'm losing the chain in the front, but the teeth seem to wear down quickly.

Anyone have any recommendations for a durable 32T or 34T geared middle ring? My current crankset is Shimano XT. The price of a replacement XT middle ring is around $35 and I'm willing to try something else for that price.

I've thought about the Truvativ Trushift steel ring, but thought that it might be overkill. Anyone have good luck with Race Face or FSA or Blackspire or another brand?

Someone told me to just replace the chain every couple months and the cassette and chainrings will last much longer. Anyone have experience doing that, does it prolong the life of the drivetrain?

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Get a chain checker to measure your chain (or just use a ruler); replace it as often as it needs it. It's not a matter of time, it's a matter of miles / wear.

I'm down with the steel ring. Not overkill if you ask me, especially based on what you're saying. If you really want to go all out, get a ti ring from Homebrewed Components... lighter than steel, stronger than aluminum, costlier than both.

Yeah both. As opposed to either.

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