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Recommendation for a 26' slick tyre with puncture prevention

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Hi there,

I started out biking 2 month ago, and since then I had 3 puctures. :madman:

first two punctures were due to the misalignment of the wheel tape which caused friction between the tube and spoke holes. I have since changed the stock tape.

Now just yesterday I had another puncture, this time is a proper one :D . Picked up some thorn in my tyre.

I am using a pair of Tioga 26" X 1.95 city slick tyres, courtesy from my friend, not new but still in decent shape.

Since I main do on-road riding with occasional track (just normal footpath, nothing too serious). Wondered which slick tyre with punture prevention should I go for?

thanks in advanced.
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Look at the Schwalbe Marathon line. Lots of options.
hamachi said:
Crossroads Armadillo ATB Tire
Nimbus Armadillo ATB Tire
Hemisphere Armadillo Tire
I second the Armadillos. Also IRC Metro Duros are thick and tough, but they don't actually have an extra flat prevention device.
Well, if you're going to recommend the Schwalbe Big Apple, then I don't feel too weird in mentioning that Schwinn Typhoon Cord (ordinary black color is available) can beat that Big Apple for traction, stopping power, cornering, flat resistance, and 2:1 speed.

The IRC's aren't quite as fast, but they are comparable.
Panaracer T-Serv 26x 1.75 also isn't quite as fast, but puncture-free and have considerable grip.

Armadillos? Did you ask for a slow tire? No, that would be a big shock, coming from Tioga's super fast (but dangerously slippery) tires.

There's also Panaracer Flat-Away, reusable aramid tire liner tape. It works quite well.
Get some Panaracer Flataway tire liners (100x better than "SpinSkins") and you shouldn't have to worry about flats anymore. I used these for nearly 2 years in Arizona with lightweight tires and tubes and never had a puncture flat even though 70% of my rding was on cactus strewn, off-road trails. The ones made for MTB tire width only weigh about 34g each and they WORK.

I used some thinner width ones (made for 700cc tires I believe, so they needed a bit of trimming) with my Hutchinson Top Slick Tech Air-Light, 1" tires on my second 26" wheelset for road riding and using the trainer and these babies fly like nothing else I've ever used. One of my Top Slicks with the 1" kevlar liner installed weighs a wopping 220g. With a Michelin 1" Air Stop tube the whole setup weighs only 290g per wheel!:eek: Fastest setup on an MTB with a tube and real puncture protection that I've ever used...

If you can't find them at your LBS, I think that they are still available from here:'1598-30'

EDIT: I will warn you that the Top Slicks do not have great grip or anything, if that's what you're after. They are really a great tire for road riding, sprints/intervals and possibly street crits where there is little chance of having to take corners on loose dirt, gravel, leaves or other debris that might be on the road or path surface you're riding on.
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