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Im am going to be getting my first bike soon, and Ive come to the conclusion that I want a DH bike. Im a big guy at 6'3 250lbs so I need something large and strong.

For those of you with the "2010 Demo 8 I" would you recommend it?

For my size, what spring should I get on it?
Anyone know of an online dealer?
Anything I should know about this bike?

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I had a Demo 9 for years. Truly phenomenal bike going down, but really sucks going up. Consider that carefully if the Demo will be your only bike. BTW I'm the same size as you are, and the size L (which was the biggest they made) was perfect for me.

I sold the Demo and my XC bike and bought a 2010 Enduro Expert. One bike that does everything, and I love it. Consider the Enduro if you'll only have one bike.
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