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Recommend a Saddle Like This

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Key Requirement:
The roundness at the back of the seat is cut well back,making it easier for a short rider to get behind his saddle (for those steep descents). Picture below:

Secondary Requirement:
Not overly bulky, or heavy (low to mid 200g is ok).

Secondary Requirement:
Not overly expensive (recessions suck)

Application: Technical XC; 2hr rides

Rider: 5' 6" 160lbs (w/ gear)

I'm trying to replace a Selle San Marco Bontrager which has not been made in years.

Thanks in Advance,
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i have 4 of those bontrager saddles, want to buy a few? all slightly used, but still good.

Bontrager ti saddle,black, dimpled surface
Bontrager c20 saddle, black
Bontrager ti saddle, black
Bontrager plus10 saddle, black

email me-
[email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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