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recomend some tires

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hey guys,

I running a set of panaracer xc, I find that these have a tendency to want to washout really bad when the dirt gets a little soft.

So what can you recommend, what has worked for you.

Im looking for something the will stick well on fire roads with a lot of loose dirt, dry conditions

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How often are you going to be riding on these. The Intense FRO compound is really nice, sticks well, and never had the tires washout on me. The only downside is that they can wear pretty fast, and they arent the cheapest tire.
This is my back up bike that I only use when we do strickly down hill, so use is minimal.

little over 50 bucks per tire, which one would you reco, ex world cup, 909, DH, Intruder?
For fire roads, and hardpack, im going to say the DH-FRO if its just your DH bike. I run the 909's but its usually really soft and slick up here. The downside about them is that the shipping is expensive for tires, try and find an LBS that can hook you up with free shipping.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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