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Driving home from a ride a few weeks ago, was hit from behind in my Sportwagen with the Yakima 2-timer rack and two bikes.
Luckily, the hit from a Ford Expedition did not damage car or bikes but the 4-timer rack I'm using for two bikes (just one two-bike wheel tray for now) had the bike tray bent on one side.
The rear-most bike was positioned so the front tire was in the tray that was pushed toward the car so I could see the handlebar, wheel and fork turned in with the force of the hit and bend, saving the bike from damage.

Before thinking of calling REI where I bought the rack, I just went forward with calling Yakima directly to see about any parts or fix option short of buying an entire new rack. At about the same time or within a day or so, I thought to try REI as well since I wasn't sure of the exact name of the part I needed and knew they were well versed in dealing with products like this.

I heard from Yakima soon after by way of an email response stating that part was not available separately. I figured I'd leave it to REI to see what response they got and after a few follow-up calls by an REI employee who was at the top of his game for response and follow-up, we just didn't have for sure confirmation yet. About two or three days goes by and then I get an email from the guy at REI saying 'good news' and mentioning the part is available and a quoted price of $142 or so. I was relieved but figured I'll believe it when I see it just to be safe and not get my hopes up.
I had included photos and thought the price quoted seemed pretty fair.
Part description-
This would be the square steel bar that supports two bikes by wheel trays and the ratchet straps and also has the mid-point post that folds up to grab bikes at their crossbar.

The part showed up at the store and just an FYI, it didn't come with the plastic wheel trays and straps (4) total. That was fine since mine are okay but others may need to know this.

The guy ordering it at REI left a note saying I was very patient and should get a 20% discount off the cost of the part ! :thumbsup:

Not sure if Yakima customer service was uninformed about the parts available or if retail dealers / stores rate higher for that kind of help.
Just wanted to post the great service I had from REI and report that part is indeed available if anyone else needs one.

~ brian
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