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Recall of Shimano Front Skewers

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I was in my LBS this morning, and thought this might be worth sharing with you all:

Shimano Issues Voluntary Recall of Front Quick Releases

MAY 19, 2006 -- IRVINE, CA (BRAIN)—Shimano American Corporation announced a voluntary recall for select front quick releases. Shimano has identified a potential safety issue concerning the quick-release (QR) that is fitted to front hubs and wheels of certain road and off-road bicycles.

Only silver-colored QR skewers purchased or received after Nov. 1, 2005 are affected. Black skewers are not subject to the recall. Also QR skewers that have a small round sticker placed on the backside of the lever are not affected by the recall. The recall affects many 105, Ultegra, Dura Ace, XT and XTR hubs, and Dura Ace front wheels, including some Sport Dynamo hubs.

Shimano estimates that there are less than 5,000 affected skewers in North America. Shimano has had no reports of any accidents or injuries associated with the use of these skewers. The company is initiating the recall as a precautionary measure.

The affected QR skewers were supplied with the following model Shimano front hubs and Shimano front wheels. QRs on front road hubs HB-5501, HB-5600, HB-6600, HB-7800 HB-HF08 are recalled. QRs on front mountain bike hubs HB-M756, HB-M760, HB-M765, HB-M960, HB-M965 are recalled. QRs on front wheels WH-7801, WH-7801C, WH-7801C50, WH-7801SL, WH-R600 and WH-M965 are recalled. And QRs on Sport Dynamo hubs DH-2N71, DH-3N71 and DH-3D71 are recalled.
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I do not own any of those skewers from those listed dates, but thanks for the heads up. I bet some of the people who do will appreciate this.
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