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Rebuilding Curnutt shock

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I was wondering does anyone have a clue is it possible to get some mechanical pictures of Curnutt shocks so that it would be possible to service it by yourself? It could be also great to find out the measures of the seals etc. This because I live in Finland and I think that I would have to send my shock to Italy :thumbsup: if I'd like to get it in condition... In other words it would probably mean couple of months without riding. Not good. My friend has a workshop where he repairs motorbike shocks and he promised to give me the proper tools and help me. We also found out assembly instructions for mx curnutts from the net but I think they are not suitable..?

I would appreciate any help because otherwise my head will be hurting soooon... :madman: :D

The problem with my curnutt is that there comes oil out of the rebound adjustment knob when I change the amount so there's something f****d up with the internals.
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Hello, I had that same problem with my kurnutt. I sent it in (Im lucky Im only 1 shipping day away) and they sent it back to me (after about 3 weeks) saying there was nothing wrong with it. All I know is there is oil all over the rebound knob. Fortunately I was able to fit the bike with another shock. What bike do you have?

Thanks mate, now I'm at least not SO afraid for the shock to get totally bashed. :thumbsup: So I think I'll ride it until I notice some changes in the shocks functions. Hey, you can see my bike from the let's see your Foes category, I'll put it there in a minute! Cheers.
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