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I have a 2002 Giant NRS2, still in good working order (I've replaced drivetrain components along the way as they wear out.) I've never touched the rear suspension; 8 years later I have some lateral slop, and the lower chamber on the shock doesn't hold pressure. I found a bearing&bushing kit that came without any torque specs or schematic. I also found several unused Rockshox SID xc shocks (without rebound adjust) on eBay.

Does anyone know the torque specs for my rear suspension/linkages? How about a schematic to make sure I assemble it correctly?

Can I screw the lower cannister of one of these eBay shocks into the upper cannister of my shock (mine has rebound adjust.) If not, am I losing much wihout the rebound adjust?

If I should post this in a different forum, please let me know.
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