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Rebuild Fox RL - Anyone?

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The lockout feature on my Fox Float RL (2004) has stopped working.

I think I rode through some 3.5 foot drops with the shock on "locked" mode... yeah.. I know...

The shock still works, it just won't lock. Maybe some chronic air pressure loss as well..

anyway - If I just get the Fox seal kit and change the seals - will that fix it or is it a deeper problem?

any input would help - thanks!
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the lockout feature is mechanical and does not have anything to do with the air sleeve or seals.
^ air spring side has nothing to do with the lockout. Leaky air - that's a totally different issue.

Lockout is mechanically (sim) stopping the fluid flow in the damper side. If you are rebuilding it, put accurate amount of oil there, and make sure the top assembly is not loose.

My advise is to send it to PUSH to get serviced. They may be able to tell you what's going on with your air spring too, among other problems you are having. What you describe sounds like it may cost you some $ though.

It looks like I'll just save up for a new shock.
thanks for the input!
The RL lockout is just a needle valve type assembly that blocks a port restricting oil flow. You should be able to take the top cap assembly apart and see what went wrong. My guess is it the pressure blew the valve out of its seat or broke the valve.

The top cap assembly should come apart with a 12mm wrench and a big socket holding the top cap. Check the enduro site for details.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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