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Hi guys, I have an older Fox Vanilla R fork, set to 125mm, I just changed the fluid out (7.5wt) and I weigh 160 lbs. I believe it has the stock spring which was quite heavy for me, I removed the "helper" spring on the damper rod and now the sag is correct and the action feels pretty good to me, however I'm not getting the last inch of travel.

The issue I have is caused by what seems like the fork rebounding too quickly, right now the rebound is set to its middle position. When I come to longer, step down descents, basically a series of 12"-18" wide stairs cut into the trail, it is fine for the first few but then quickly gets out of control. Basically the fork compresses then rebounds and pogo sticks me up in the air, which leads to "bouncing" down the steps faster and faster, as you can't brake in the air. It gets quite scary as you can imagine and I've nearly crashed several times. My body position is ok as I don't have trouble until there are more than a few in a row.

It seems more rebound damping would help but I'm worried about the fork "stacking" where is doesn't rebound fully before the next bump is hit and the fork hits each progressive bump compressed to a shorter and shorter length which will lead to going OTB. It almost seems like it is blowing though the travel too quickly which is compressing the spring so far that too much energy is stored and then released. Before I removed the "helper" spring on the damper side though it was very harsh over roots and rocks, and beat up my wrists, I also had almost zero sag.

Maybe I need to try a thicker oil first or upgrading the cartridge to the RLC version to be able to adjust the compression damping, which would be cheaper than a new fork unless there is an affordable option that is worlds better. It's surprising that mountain bike forks don't seem to allow the fine tuning that dirt bike forks do, with separate high and low speed compression damping circuits.

Any help would be appreciated, it's a bit scary to just try something and see if it's better or worse, crashes on rocks downhill at speed aren't fun. Thanks.
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