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Two rides into the new love affair... sigh.

A genuinely terrific frameset, in terms of comfort, speed, stability, handling.. oh yeah, I'm already on the Turner forum...

Bought second hand, in great condition, from an enthusiast in Sydney, Aywstrayia (I live 50 miles south). Not cheap - but what a deal...

Build highlights; cheap and reliable as a rule.
+ SRAM (X9 mated to 2001-spec twisters!), XT front mech, micro-index front shifter;
+ Avid BB7s on XTR levers, Flak Jkt cables (brilliant);
+ RF Deus cranks (first-ever set of 'undersized' rings after whole career on 110/74 PCD stuff), 747 SPuDs;
+ XT/Spot hubs on oddball Spot metal matrix rims (to be replaced by Superho XT/Ryno Lite XL 32 holers - if they ever get here!), IRC El Gato/Missile tyres;
+ Descenderpost (tip o' the hat to you, Tcheezy!) and early SDG saddle;
+ Vanilla 130Rs w/ 75lb main spring. Still at 130mm, though can only get 110mm out of 'em. Running a small 'helper spring' in place of top 20m spacer as 60lb spring was too soft, but 75lb was a bit stiff. May remove this, but worked well in some bastard-tough terrain last weekend;
+ 700lb spring on stock Vanilla RS rear shock.

Rode great out of the workstand, but fork spring (the hardest one that comes in the Fox box, basically) was wound all the way up and the front end wasn't riding high enough for my liking. Stiffer spring has taken away some front grip - hence helper spring idea. Climbs fine, even with 2-inch rise bars and shortish (65mm) stem. Playing with tyre pressures, too.

Rear end is spot on with 1 1/2 turns on the 700lb spring and bump/rebound settings set in the middle.

Not sure abt weight - with heavy 747 SPuDs and IRC El Gato/Missle tyres... 32lb?

In love, nonetheless... sorry about backyard photo, but days are shortening here - time to ride, but no time for photos!



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