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xx photo's....

The XX is a very nice product especially if you like the lock out feature. Basically the fork is very similar to the Reba Race but the XX has a much nicer remote lockout system - very light, clean and easy to operate.

I mounted mine on the left side of the bars. My set up is grip shift shifters, Avid Brakes and 1x9 gearing so the bar is very uncluttered and clean. The remote is easy to push in and unpush when you want to go from locked to full travel.

The button to actuate the lock out is very sturdy and is slightly angled to make pushing in and out with your thumb and easy task.

On full lockout there will still be a little but of travel. Everything is very clean - the cable/flexible hose goes right down to the top of the fork crown with no overhanging cable or loose ends. All of the hardware is high quality titanium or aluminum 6061-t6.

As for ride quality - you can't beat this fork it's easy to add air via dual schrader valves and adjust ride settings and damping. I have mine set on 2 clicks from the fastest rebound and it feels great for East Coast root infested singletrack.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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