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Here's the link to the ad. It explains it all there, but here's a quick version...

My Reba SL is creaky at the steerer. Gotta send it back to RS. Need a replacement, but our distributor (I own a shop) just carries the Race version and I need the internal floodgate adjustment knob (ie, the SL version) for downtube clearance reasons. So trade me your excellent condition SL (preferably converted to 100mm already) and $50 and get a brandnew Race with the remote PopLoc. A good deal.

(One note: if I can easily convert a Race to the internal floodgate mode, I'll just go that route, but don't know yet if that is possible - or easy.)

Also in the ad are some other things like a 29er On One rigid fork, set of Juicy 7s, some 8speed cassettes.

Email me at dsr80304 at hotmail dot com if interested.

Thanks, S
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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