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Hey I just got a Rocky mountain 2008 vertex custom paint, only a handfull made, Happy days.

Anyway I want red and white to match the canadian colours.

I like the all white and red sid rlt ti, but they are 400.00 and the reba teams have a black crown, but white and red legs.

What do you think?


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I have nothing but good things to say about the Reba.
I've been running it HARD for 5 years now. I rebuild it once a year with fresh oil and seals and it has been running like a top since day one.
I just purchased a 2011 STP and will be looking to mount a new Reba on it for my 4x needs.

I orginally had it mounted up on my Chase and then moved to my Arrow DSS. It used as my dirt jump/4x fork.

I eventually moved it over to my 22lb uber budget WW XC hardtail.

If you want lighter weight, go for the SID, if you want long term durability.. shoot for the Reba.
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