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I'm a 245 lb clydesdale running an '01 GT I-Drive with an '06 Reba Race fork. In the RS manual it suggests setting the + and - air to 160 PSI based on my weight, although I think that's the top of the chart which says >220 lb. Does anyone know if this shock can take more than 160 PSI?

I'm having a hard time trying to dial this shock in to be plush without having too much sag. Seeing I'm heavier than the chart that's on the shock, I wasn't sure if it would be safe to increase the pressue in the shock accorgingly?

Or I could cut an arm off to drop a few pounds, LOL.

Any help would be great, thanks.

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I weigh a bit less than you and found that the high pressures do not work in the REBA.
Very high negative chamber pressures will pull the fork down and make it look like it is sagging too much (it is!).
I run 120PSI in positive and 90 in the negative. The fork is set at 115mm travel but i was running similar pressures when it was set at 100mm. Search these forums and you will find that most people find the pressure chart way too high.
I ran mine at 160/160 initially and found it hammered my wrists. I also found that too much negative pressure seems to limit the travel slightly- not sure why.
Suggest you try 130+/100- and see waht happens. Use something on the fork to show travel. (i use a very small zip tie just snug enough not to fall down on its own- an o ring would be better.)
Also try increasing the compression damping or locking the fork and running a very low/moderate floodgate setting (five-six clicks from minimum) to help keep the fork firm and running higher in its travel.
Good luck and don't be afraid to experiment, there are many tuning options on thsi fork.
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