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Riding a new 29er with Reba poploc.

Any advice on tuning for this fork? I have just a couple of rides in and haven't really started to fuss with it. Started with a relatively high pressure positive and negative as recommended for my riding weight, but isn't all that supple.

195-200 lbs, Cross Country rider.

Thanks in advance

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Try this:

100 psi in the positive chamber, then 90 psi in the negative chamber.

See how that feels. You need to see full travel on the sliders on big hits. Add or subtract psi to suit your weight and trails. Always keep 10 psi difference between the positive and negative chambers. Example: 110psi positive, 100psi negative.

Always set the positive air pressure first...then the negative. Carry your shock pump with you on the trail and adjust the air pressure as needed. When you find your "sweet spot" for your trails and riding style, you have it wired...:D

Set your Rebound damping at full fast [Hare]...bottom of rhs fork leg.

Lock the poploc. Turn the fork top adjuster to the plus + side as far as it will go. Unlock the poploc.

Now you only need to lock the fork for climbing or out of the saddle efforts.

It will only blow off pressure when you have it locked out if you hit a big hit. You should see only a small 20mm movement in the travel of the fork when you are locked out and mashing up a hill.

More questions?

Just ask.



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yeah.. i am about your weight, SantaCruzan, and i run about 110 pos and 110 neg, just as Rainman suggests... follow his recommendations..he is one of the resident Reba experts :thumbsup:

PS: Welcome to MTBR! ;)
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