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Reba 29er Fork or Fox F29 Talas 120mm

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Hi, Everybody:

I know the question has has been / may have been addressed elsewhere, but wanted this forum's thoughts. What do you recommend? I am not a weight weenie, and I have always preferred coil forks (neither of above forks is a coil fork). That said, I had rather not pay extra just for the Fox tail decal on my bike. Thank you very much.

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Had both

Reba was very adjustable but not as smooth as the Talas. Bonus with my Fox is it can be retuned to increase compression, rebound etc. I didnt think l would use the travel adjust feature but l do - often. My Rebas were off centre as well - so returned and refunded - Fox purchased - now on both my bikes.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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