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reba 29er- 2009 vs 2008 models

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looking to replace my old MXAIR on my sir9- any advantage in picking up a 2009 reba vs a 2008 model for standard drop out? SL vs race model? thanks for your opinions.
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I think someone reported that the newer 09 offset (46mm) made handling a bit too fast on Niners (72 HT).
There are quite a few of the differences between the two-
As mentioned the offset of the 09' models is greater so it will speed up steering vs the 08' and other 29er forks (I will leave the specifics of brand offsets up to you). Depending on stem length, bar width, fork travel (slacker/steeper HA) etc... you can counteract this somewhat-

Some other differences are the "power" bulges and other refinements to the lowers have added to the overall stiffness for a QR. All of the 09' Reba qr's can also be internally adjusted from 80-100-120mm which is nice. Alot of riders complained about the 1rst gen Reba 29ers simply being a stretched version of the 26" fork-

As far as the differences between the Race and SL it is really just the external vs internal floodgate- the Team adds the blackbox dampening as well which some reviews I have read seem to say it is more akin to Fox? I have a 09' Reba Team 29er but have no time on it to give you any trail feedback, but I have run 07' and 08' 80mm and 100mm Reba 29s and was pleased with them no issues but a bit flexy when compared to my 26" rebas, and Fox F-100 and Talas 32... not really a fair comparison.

I guess it depends on the price- I am not so sure I will use the fiddle sticks and go go levers on the Team (nor race) once I get it set where I want it but the Black Box dampening was what I was hoping to try out. Problem is the Team it costs just about as much as a Fox and is unproven... so the winner in my opinion is the 09 Reba SL- it adds some stiffness over the 08 and can be had for under $400 in the box and alot less elsewhere. Have you considered Manitou? for the money they have a pretty nice following-

Hope my 2 cents helped-
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knottshore said:
the 09 Reba SL- it adds some stiffness over the 08 and can be had for under $400 in the box and alot less elsewhere.
What are the names of these "alot less elsewhere" places?
brewdog said:
What are the names of these "alot less elsewhere" places?
I'm curious too because it must not be through "official channels". Tree Fort was selling them for $360ish last fall and got shut down hard by SRAM for selling too low

Also, now that Jenson has cleared out there factory stock of Manitou's, they are back to being more expensive than a Reba
boomn & brewdog,

I agree with the "official" channels having a bare min on "new in the box" I was refering to new bike take-off's and used 09's when I said alot less "elsewhere"- I am not trying to make up bogus sweet deals- but with 2010's already pumping out and with Marketing saying that the latest is new and improved... yada yada yada- you may see the 09's slip a bit more?

New and in the box uncut.. shipped for about $370-380 - for an SL From what I found after qute a bit of searching this was pretty much the best at the time check it out and they will adjust the travel on a race, SL or Team to what ever you like- you just use the "make an offer" I am not sure of current availabilty but I purchased one not but a few weeks ago-

I have watched numerous new bike take-off SL's go for $300 to $320 with more than enough steer tube left-

Used is up to you - it depends how "used" it is

Hope this clears up my previous post a bit-
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the sir9 is a perfect candidate for a 2009 100 mm travel reba. bumping up the travel to 100 will give you a 71 deg HA, which in combination w/ the bigger offset 'rake' of the new reba gives a great front end geo. Really for me one of the nicest advantages of EBB is that when switching between a short A to C rigid fork and a 100 mm suspension fork, I can adjust the EBB to get the right BB height for good handling.
I put a 09 reba race on my new Kona Hei Hei 2-9 frame and love it. It gives me a really smooth ride. It does have a pretty good ofset which I think is why I have 100% success at a hill climb on my trails that was previously 50-50 at best. I can stay on the trail easier while going slow. It has the handle bar lockout which I have not mounted and I don't think I will. I have had to put more air pressure in it to keep it from bottoming out when getting extra Gs on a roller coaster type trail I have.I got it from the ebay store listed by knottshore above for $358
I bought mine at etheric sports new for < $300. They have an ebay store too.
Rockshox Reba SL Dual Air Disc 80/100120mm Silver................................$334.99

It is set at 80mm stock, so need to adjust one of these days.
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