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Reba 29" 90-120mm Air U-turn Maxle Lite fork - Anybody got one?

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I recently discovered the Reba 29 as an 90-120 air u-turn version, sporting the Maxle lite, even blackbox Moco.
I might buy one to sixtynine my Heckler.
I didn´t know there was a uturn 29er fork from RockShox.
I also didn´t find anything about it on the board here.

My other option would be the 2011 Fox Talas 29. But it´s 2.5 times the $$ of the Reba and only QR15.

I somewhat fear that this version of the Reba might be a phantom as I´ve never heard of it.

Anyone seen this fork in person, tried it or owned it?

Greetings Znarf
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Yep, been riding one for awhile and it works great, the uturn option has been available all along. For some goofy reason they only offered it with the poplock remote when I bought mine, maybe that's changed? If you don't want that you can mod the damper tho there are a few threads around that talk about it, I did the mod and it was pretty easy.
I've got one also.

The pushlock is annoying because you can't adjust the slow speed compression. i replaced it with and old pop lock that got this setting, wich is much better.

The Uturn thing works, but it needs 6 full turns to go though the 30mm. So it is usable for mountain ridding (one long climb, one long downhill), but can't be used for rolling terrain.
mine works well.

no remote lock out, what i prefer to avoid all the mess on the handlebars. weighs about 1850g is i remember correctly. the u-turn reduced the front nicely for long climbs, TA makes a lot of sense for a longer travel 29er fork and the performance of the rebas is IMO much better than the fox (never uses full travel).
Those are all good news.

I´ll get one. I´ve had lots of Rock Shox forks over the past decade. I like how easy they are to maintain and service.

And of course at half the price of a 29 Talas it´s a no brainer.

Greetings and thanks a lot!
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