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Rear Wheel Travel

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So I just gave Fox a call about my dhx 5.0 I have on my bike. I was thinking I would need a heavier spring because I weigh just over 200 lbs. The spring that came on it is 550x2.35. The guy at Fox told me I need a couple numbers for him to determine what exactly I would need. He knew one of them but then he asked for the rear wheel travel. He said Specialized should have it on their website, but I don't exactly know what im looking for. My bike is a 2009 Sx Trail, and all I see is the 2010 one.

If anyone could tell me where to find it or how to calculate it that would be great.
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Thanks for the quick response. I wasn't sure exactly what number I was looking for so that helped.
no problem :thumbsup:
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