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First things first... i just sighned up on mtbr forums and i wanted to say hi to evryone.:thumbsup:

Well, my rpoblem is that when i put force on my pedals(start pedalling hard) my rear wheel starts rubing against the bottom left part of the frame. this is the second time this happened to me. the first time when i took my qucik release out it pretty much all most bent in half and it had to be forced to be put back in. i took it to the shope and my axled was cracked in half and holding by the middle ring. So i had a stronger axle put in. But this time when i take out the quick release it is slightly bent and when i put it back in it goes with no force. Also last time when i looked inside the hub coudnt look through it because a peice of metal was in the way(obviuosly broke:D ) and this time i can see through it normally.

One of my friends told me that my axel was loose or warped or somtin and it is possible to fix by urself except he didnt know how. And i dont want to go to the shop because i hav to wait three days to go ther and 1 week for the bike to get back to me :sad: and i dont want that . i want to fix it one day. i possibly hav all the tools to do watevr i need to do.

So can sombady pls tell me a way to fix? a step by step guid please.

Oh and by the way sry if ther any typos beacuse i was listning to rise against and death from above 1979 full blast. lol

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